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Cladding, Shingles & Shakes

Cedar Cladding

We can provide a range of natural timber cladding products that are visually pleasing, economic, durable and environmentally sound. As a material, wood cladding is not only lightweight and thermally insulative, but also a renewable source and of course, highly decorative!

We supply the following  species of wood cladding;

  • Western Red Cedar
  • Siberian Larch
  • Oak
  • Tropical Hardwoods – Sapele, Iroko & Meranti
  • Temperate Hardwoods – Elm, Sweet Chestnut
  • Weatherboard – Oak & Elm
  • Thermowood – Heat Treated, Chemical Free Redwood
  • ‘Cape Cod’ Pre-painted Cladding
  • Fire Treated Claddings (Douglas Fir, Cedar & Larch)

Cladding Accessories;

  • Oils & Coating
  • Aluminium Cills & Cappings
  • Battens
  • Corner Pieces
  • Annular Ring Nails (Lost Head etc.)
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Five reasons to use Artisan for your cladding;

  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Quality Products at Low Prices
  • Friendly Expert Advice
  • Fast Turnaround on Orders
  • Huge Selection of Profiles, Species and Accessories

These are our standard cladding profiles; available in planed or sawn finish:

Cladding Profiles

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Phone, Fax & Email your Enquiries

Simply select your species, profile, quantity required

Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata)

Western Red Cedar is an ideal material for cladding & shingles. Accepted nationwide as the standard solution for readily available external timber, Western Red Cedar boasts a winning combination of beautiful aesthetics and durability.

Qualities include;

  • Natural Resistance to Decay
  • Natural Resistance to Insect Attack.
  • Light Weight Material
  • Left Untreated will ‘Silver’ over time – turning beautiful shades of grey.
  • Carries pigmented finishes.

Western Red Cedar comes into two main grades, ‘No.2 Clear’ – which has next to no knots for a clean and clear affect and ‘No.2 Clear/15% No.4’ which will come with knots and other imperfections that give the boards that little extra character.

Siberian Larch (Larix Siberia)

Siberian Larch is an excellent natural timber softwood product, perfect for cladding and shin-gles. Imported from Russia, Larch is an excellent alternative to Cedar, sporting similar proper-ties to most hardwoods, making it very durable. Combine this outstanding trait with its fantastic value for money Larch is a cheaper, equally attractive solution to all your external timber needs.

Qualities Include;

  • Acts as both Softwood & Hardwood, giving the benefits of both.
  • Excellent value for money, up to 30% cheaper than its alternatives.
  • Wonderfully dense softwood, durability guaranteed.
  • Left Untreated will ‘Silver’ over time – turning beautiful shades of grey.
  • High Resin Content

Siberian Larch is available in two grades; ‘Saw Falling’ which contains knots and other rustic qualities and ‘Unsorted’ which is generally knot free and should be used for a clean affect.

Shingles & Shakes – Cedar, Larch, Oak & Sweet Chestnut

Shingles and shakes are an excellent way of breaking up cladding & roofing, laid either verti-cally or horizontally Shingles & shakes can add texture and a ‘Rustic’ quality to any building. Shingles & Shakes differ only in the grade of the material.

Qualities Include;

  • A Shingle is a clean cut, uniform shape with minimal knots and imperfections.
  • Shakes make a less sophisticated statement, a thicker, wider and altogether more ‘rustic’ feel, ideal for a ‘Country’ aesthetic quality.

OAK (Quercus)

Oak, the classic solution for nearly every question asked of a timber product. Famously durable, Oak very rarely needs any introduction. Colours range from beautiful shades of brown to an almost golden yellow, Oak is a common go-to for a reason. Smooth grain with stunning patterns and knots make this species of cladding an obvious choice for most.

Qualities Include;

  • Famously durable.
  • Left Untreated will ‘Silver’ over time – turning beautiful shades of grey.
  • Can be sourced locally.

Available in ‘Prime’ & ‘Character’ grade. Prime grade is a clean, knot-free grade. ‘Character’ is full of imperfections, knots and other rustic qualities to give your cladding a ’Country’ feel.


Thermowood is a beautiful, economical alternative to traditional cladding. Thermowood has gone through a process in which extremely high temperatures have penetrated the core of the wood, forcing out all natural oils and resin. Then the wood is re-hydrated and is thoroughly con-ditioned leaving the timber with approx 3-6% moisture content and a stronger core. Essentially a ‘cooked’ wood; this process means weaker species of timber can become much stronger, ena-bling them to be used externally.

Qualities Include;

  • 30 Year Service Life.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • No chemicals used in production. A very ‘Green’ timber.
  • High tolerance to extreme temperatures.

Black Coated Feather Edge Cladding

Black coated feather edge cladding is made of Redwood Timber, manufactured the same way as other feather edge profiles. A diagonal blade is used to cut a piece of timber down the middle, resulting in a piece of cladding that tapers to a point. This cladding is also coated in a black paint, mainly for aesthetic reasons, but also to provide slight UV protection.

Qualities Include;

  • All the properties of a Redwood Timber Cladding
  • Pre-painted for quick installation.
  • Aesthetically uniform.
  • UV Protection (Slight)

Hardwood Cladding

Available in any profile listed above, Hardwood Cladding is an umbrella term for cladding in the following hardwood species;

  • Oak (Temperate Hardwood)
  • Sweet Chestnut (Temperate Hardwood)
  • Iroko (Tropical Hardwood)
  • Elm (Temperate Hardwood)
  • Ash (Temperate Hardwood)

Pre-Painted ‘Cape Cod’ Cladding

We at Artisan are proud to be able to offer this amazing cladding. Available in many colours including;

  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow – to name but a few!

This cladding gives an amazing eye-catching quality to any job, is fitted the exact same way as regular cladding. The artistic architects’ cladding of choice, a premium finish means this cladding will leave an impact with all who see it!

Cladding Accessories & Fixings

  • Battens
  • Aluminium Cappings
  • Corner Pieces
  • Oils & Coatings
  • Fixings & Nails

We supply a huge range of accessories of all types. If you have any requirements you would like us to meet please contact us and let us know!

Featured Cladding Work

Please feel free to take a look at some of our cladding work by clicking through the thumbnails below.

Cedar TGV Cladding No 2 Grade Cedar TGV door No 2 Clear Grade Fire-treated TGV Cedar Cladding Blue Painted Unsorted Siberian Larch TVG Cladding Cedar Roof Shingles Saw Falling Siberian Larch feather edge cladding Saw Falling Siberian Larch feather edge cladding Saw Falling Siberian Larch feather edge cladding Saw Falling Siberian Larch feather edge cladding Cedar Cladding
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