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FSC is an international, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC UK is a registered charity. It is supported by NGOs including WWF, Greenpeace and the Woodland Trust. The global environment is threatened by mankind. Our activities change the climate, contaminate the land, pollute the air and destroy other species which have an equal right to exist.

Choosing to buy responsibly sourced wooden flooring can help to:

Many of the world’s ecosystems are given structure and protection by trees. Simply put – no trees, no ecosystem.

One of the best ways to conserve trees is to responsibly manage their habitat, protect what we have and bring back what we have lost. Ironically, the responsible management of trees includes harvesting them appropriately. The important thing is that this is done with minimum damage to the environment, whilst helping local people to see the benefit of protecting their native habitat and planting more trees. Without this economic carrot, trees may be robbed from the land for a quick profit or burnt for landlords to raise beef stock.

So when you buy responsibly sourced wooden flooring, certified by an independent Forest Certification scheme, you know that you are helping to protect the world’s trees.

For detailed information regarding this certification, please follow the link below:


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