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The Benefits of Having Wood Flooring in Your Home

We’ve all been to a friend or family member’s home and admired their wooden floor, whether it’s their hallway, their dining room or their living room, a stunning wooden floor creates real character in any room. Are you looking for wood flooring for your home but just can’t decide whether to take the plunge? Well perhaps once you’ve heard all the benefits that a wooden floor can offer you – your decision will be a lot easier!

Timeless Elegance

The most beneficial thing about wooden flooring is that it is, without a doubt, a timeless addition to any home. Carpets and tiles drop in and out of fashion, as do patterns and colours whereas wooden floors have proved they are a permanent fixture in the fashion world and will be for centuries to come.

Lasts a Lifetime

You probably have to change your carpets around every five years but a well maintained wooden floor will last for decades. They’re also much easier to clean and more hygienic than other flooring solutions. Wooden floors simple need a regular mop and vacuum to keep them looking great.

Versatility and Strength

As there is such a wide range of different woods and colours to choose from you really can find the perfect wooden floor for any room in your home. Wooden flooring is incredibly versatile and can drastically transform the look of your home, whether you are going for a traditional, classy look or you want to bring in a more modern feel to your home. Stunning wooden floors can also add value to your home as it creates real potential for your property.

Here at Artisan Timber & Flooring we specialise in the supply and installation of wood flooring as well as hardwood decking and cedar cladding. We are dedicated to providing a bespoke floor-fitting service to our customers and are always on hand to offer any advice you may need. We have extensive knowledge in the timber industry and can guide you in choosing the perfect wood flooring to suit your home and your requirements.

If you would like any more information on any of our products or services then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by clicking here.

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