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Why Choose Engineered Flooring?

If you want a floor that looks stylish and authentic – but is easy to manage and maintain – engineered flooring is for you. This type of flooring provides all the visual benefits of traditional wood flooring, but includes extra versatility. The flooring is made with layers of wood that are placed across one another to provide added stability and prevent the warping that is common with hardwood.

Benefits of Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring comes with many great benefits attached to it. For starters, it looks brilliant and comes in many different variations. It has the aesthetic qualities to make it a stylish feature in any house. Alongside its good looks, it is also incredibly versatile and can be laid with ease. This means individual pieces can be replaced if necessary. It can also be used in situations where hardwood flooring would be impractical. It offers greater resistance to damp and can be laid on concrete without problems. Another important advantage is that it tends to be cheaper than hardwood flooring. As you are saving money, you may decide to treat yourself to under-floor heating. This type of heating is perfect for cold winter nights and it means you never need to suffer from cold feet again. The technology is incompatible with hardwood, but can be used with engineered flooring.

Where to Buy Engineered Flooring

With so many benefits, it’s not hard to see why this type of flooring is so popular. If you’re interested in the best wood flooring Aylesbury can provide, we at Artisan Timber and Flooring will help you find the right surface for you. If you want to know more, call us on 01296 631208, or simply log onto our website. Our skilled staff will be happy to answer any questions and we can provide samples, quotes and catalogues free of charge.

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