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If you need high-quality construction timber at very competitive prices, you’ve come to the right place.
Artisan Timber & Flooring Ltd can offer you the finest construction timber from west Russia and Siberia, choose from a range of standard sizes, or ask us to order your timber to the exact size you want it.

Most of our construction timber is kiln dried and graded. But you can also request non-graded timber if you are involved in general building work, non-structural internal work or packing cases.

To find out more about our selection of construction timber; including the sizes and treatments available or get a no-obligation quote today, let our experienced customer services team know what you need.

Sawn Timber

Our quality sawn timber is sourced from all over Europe. Our environmental policy ensures that most timber comes only from forests which are well managed and sustainable.
We are able to call upon our vast array of contacts to supply our customers with the best possible timber at the best possible price.

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Sawn Carcassing Timber

We stock a wide range and large quantities of carcassing timbers from 19mm x 38mm battens to 100mm x 200mm structural timber sections.
Softwood Battens

Regularised, stamped tanalised battens are kept in quantity for roofing, cladding & general building.

Carcassing – 25mm Timbers

25mm tanalised sawn timbers used for fencing, Yorkshire boards on barns, cladding, edging and shuttering applications.

Carcassing – 38mm Timbers

38mm carcassing makes a good rustic deck board, useful for raised beds and ridge boards in pitched roofs.

Carcassing – 50mm Timbers

All sawn 50mm is Tantalized, kiln-dried and grades to C16/C24 (SC3/SC4). Homegrown & regularized Baltic stocks available.
Carcassing – 75mm Timbers

Larger buildings often require 75mm timbers and we maintain a stock of kiln dried, regularized timbers in stock.

Carcassing – 100mm Timbers

Our mill maintains good stocks of tantalized, graded 100mm timbers at 3.6m, 4.8m & 6.0m lengths. Other sizes to order.

Carcassing – Large Sections

Larger sectional sizes of German whitewood available to order, grade at C16/C24. Non-standard sizes also in Douglas, larch & green oak.
Structural Timber

Carcassing – CLS Timbers

LS timber is mainly used in stud work framing, kiln dried & regularized, C16/C24 grade, planed finish with eased edges.


Tanalith® E

Tanalith® E is an oil based wood preservative that is used to protect structural timber and certain engineered wood products against termite attack. The treatment is applied by a dipping or closed autoclave immersion to the finished packs of timber or wood products.
Vacsol Aqua

Vacsol Aqua treated timber has been double-vacuum (Vac-Vac®) pressure impregnated under controlled conditions using VACSOL Aqua preservative. Treated timber is typically for use in internal and external building applications such as timber frame components, roof and flooring timbers and external joinery with a low to medium risk of decay or insect attack.

Prepared Timber

Our quality prepared timber is sourced from all over Europe. Our environmental policy ensures that the timber comes only from forests which are well managed and sustainable. We are able to call upon our vast array of contacts in order to supply our customers with the best possible timber at the best possible price.

Call us now for a price that will rival competitors!
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We supply a huge variety of Hardwoods, in a broad range of species from our valued network of importers. We are unbeatable on price so can quote your enquiry and source the material you need in excellent turnaround time!

Contact our sales team now for any enquiries concerning uses, certain species, and stock quantities today.


Fraxinus Americana, American Ash, Biltmore Ash, Fresno Ash, White Ash, Green Ash, Red Ash, Black Ash, Brown Ash (Oleaceae)


A medium/large tree, reaching a height of 75-100 ft., w/a diameter of 2-4 ft. Colour is pale yellow streaked with light brown. The grain is bold, straight and moderately open, and is normally coarse-textured and lustrous. Weight varies between 35 & 40lbs pcf / sg. 60

Bending properties variable but usually very good. Good strength, toughness, stiffness & hardness for it’s light weight. Can be worked fairly well with hand or power tools. Pre-drilling sometimes required for nailing. Stains, glues and polishes well. Ash is non-durable and perishable. The sapwood is susceptible to common furniture & powder post beetles.


Baseball bats, cabinets, furniture, knife & tool handles and gun stocks, pool ques & sporting goods.


Fagus Grandifolia, (Fagaceae)


Primarily reddish-brown in colour & slightly coarse with obvious rays and pores. The grain is straight with a fine, even texture. Weight is approx. 46lbs pcf / sg .74

High crush, medium stiffness & shock resistance. Excellent bending properties. Works easily with hand & power tools. Good nailing and glueing properties. Stains and polishes to a good finish. Dries rapidly with a tendency to warp, split & surface check. Susceptible to attack by common furniture beetle and longhorn beetle. Perishable, but permeable.


Cabinetmaking, furniture, solid & laminated flooring, brush handles, wooden cooking implements & food containers, handrails.


Betula Lutea, Betula Wood, Grey Birch, Silver Birch, Hard Birch, American Birch (Betulaceae)


Birch has light yellow sapwood and reddish-brown heartwood. It has straight, close grain and a fine, even texture. Dries slowly with little degradation. Weight is approx. 43lbs pcf / sg .66

High bend & crush. Very good for steam bending. High resistance to shock. Works easily with hand & power tools. Curly or disturbed grain wood requires reduced cutting angles. Glues well. Takes stain and polish very well. Perishable and susceptible to attack by common furniture beetle. Sapwood is permeable.


Furniture, high-grade joinery, and flooring, paneling.


Prunus Serotina, Black Cherry, Capulin, Choke Cherry, New England mahogany, Plum, Rum Cherry, Cabinet Cherry


Narrow sapwood is whitish to reddish-brown or creamy pink. The heartwood varies in color from reddish-brown to deep red. Very sensitive to UV light, and changes to its characteristic reddish-brown, mahogany shade upon exposure. The grain and texture are fine and fairly uniform. Luster is rich and satiny. Weight is around 35lbs pcf / sg .58

Medium strength. Good bend. Low stiffness. Medium resistance. Works easily with hand and power tools. Nails, glues, and stains well. Polishes to an excellent finish. Moderately durable. Sapwood is susceptible to attack by common furniture beetle.


Cabinetmaking, caskets, fine furniture, musical instruments, scientific instruments, sculpture, interior construction, handles, and wainscoting.


Eucalyptus Marginata, (Myrtaceae)


Heartwood is a rich dark brownish-red, sometimes marked by short, dark brown radial flecks on the end grain and boat shaped flecks on flat sawn surfaces which enhance its decorative value. These marks are caused by the fungus Fistulina Hepatica. Gum veins or pockets may also be present. The grain is usually straight but often interlocked or wavy. The texture is even but moderately coarse. Weight averages 50lbs pcf / sg .80

Difficult to work by hand and hard on machine tools. Pre-boring necessary for nailing & screwing. Good gluing properties and finishes well. Durable & highly resistant to insects. Partial air drying is recommended before kilning / especially in thick stock to avoid distortion. Medium movement.


Marine work of all kinds, vats, flooring, furniture, handles.

Jatoba (Courbaril)

Hymenaea Courbaril, Brazilian Cherry, Jutaby, West Indian Locust, Copal, Guapinal (Leguminosae)


Heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown marked with dark brown streaks. It has a golden luster. Grain is usually interlocked with a medium to coarse texture. Slow drying is recommended. Tendency for moderate surface checking, warping and case hardening. Small movement. Weight is about 55lbs pcf / sg .91

Strong, hard and tough with very good bending characteristics. High shock resistance. Moderately difficult to work due to to high density. Moderate blunting of cutters. Nails poorly, but holds screws well. Glues and stains well, but won’t take a high polish. Moderately durable, but not with a high proportion of sapwood. Very resistant to termites.


Furniture, cabinetmaking, joinery & turning, tool handles, stair treads, flooring, sporting goods, wheel rims, cogs.

Mahogany, Santos

Myroxylon Balsamum, Cabreuva, Balsamo


It exhibits a medium range of colour variation between a light orangey/brown with yellowish overtones to a dark reddish/purplish brown. Most of the specie falls into the medium to dark orange/brown mahogany tone. It undergoes a slight degree of colour change with a slight muting of the colour range over time.

Santos Mahogany is rich dark mahogany coloured wood, which is a superior choice to genuine mahogany, (which it resembles in colour), given Santos Mahogany’s hardness and colour fastness. Janka Hardness Rating: 2,200 lbs. (997.90 kgs.) By comparison, Northern Red Oak is rated @ 1,290 lbs. (585 kgs.)


Flooring, furniture, cabinetry & general woodworking.


Hymenaea Courbaril, Brazilian Cherry, Jutaby, West Indian Locust, Copal, Guapinal (Leguminosae)


Heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown marked with dark brown streaks. It has a golden lustre. Grain is usually interlocked with a medium to coarse texture. Slow drying is recommended. Tendency for moderate surface checking, warping and case hardening. Small movement. Weight is about 55lbs pcf / sg .91

Strong, hard and tough with very good bending characteristics. High shock resistance. Moderately difficult to work due to high density. Moderate blunting of cutters. Nails poorly, but holds screws well. Glues and stains well, but won’t take a high polish. Moderately durable, but not with a high proportion of sapwood. Very resistant to termites.


Furniture, cabinetmaking, joinery & turning, tool handles stair treads, flooring, sporting goods, wheel rims, cogs.

Red Oak

Quercus Rubra, Northern Red Oak, Gray Oak, American Red Oak, Canadian Red Oak, Spanish Oak, Swamp Red Oak, Cherrybark Oak, Shumard Red Oak (Fagaceae)


Pinkish to light reddish brown or light brown. The grain is usually straight and open. Red oaks grown in the north are less coarse textured than the faster-grown red oak from the southern states. Large pores tend to produce strong contrast in staining. Weight is around 48lbs pcf / sg .77

High crush, medium bend and stiffness. Very good steam bending wood. Moderate blunting on cutters. Density varies. Gluing results vary and nailing may require pre-drilling. Takes stain well and polishes to a good finish. Dries slowly with checking, splitting and honeycombing. Needs care in air or kiln drying. Medium movement. Susceptible to insect attack. Sapwood is permeable.


Flooring, heavy construction, shipbuilding, cabinets, musical instruments, drum sticks and fine furniture. Not suitable for exterior work.

White Oak

Quercus Alba, Appalachian Oak, Arizona Oak, Swamp Chestnut Oak, Overcup Oak, Chestnut Oak, Cucharillo, Encino, Mamecillo, Roble, Stave Oak (Fagaceae)


Light tan to pale yellow brown, and may have a pinkish tinge. It is similar to European oak. White Oak is somewhat more figured than Red Oak. The grain is open and the texture is medium to coarse. Weight averages 46lbs pcf / sg .76

Medium bend & crush strength. Makes it an excellent steam bending wood. Pre-boring is a good idea, but it takes nails & screws well. Gluing results vary. Stains well and polishes to a good finish. Dries slowly with tendency for checking, splitting and honeycombing. Requires careful air or kiln drying. Medium movement. Logs are subject to severe insect attack.


Flooring, exterior trim & siding, furniture components, interior construction and trim, paneling, and cabinets.

Poplar (Tulipwood)

Populus Serotina, Robusta, Finnish Aspen, Swedish Aspen, French Aspen, European Black Poplar, Black Italian Poplar, Cucumber (Salicaceae)


Heartwood is usually creamy-white to grey in colour, sometimes pale brown or pinkish-brown. Grain is typically straight. Texture is fine and even. Weight varies from 23 to 33lbs pcf / sg .45

Low stiffness & shock resistance. Low bend & medium crush. Poor steam bending properties. Sharp, thin cutters are required to overcome the texture and produce a good finish. Nailing and screwing are okay. Takes stain poorly. Takes paint, varnish and polish well. Dries rapidly, but knots will split. Perishable and susceptible to insect attack. Sapwood is permeable.


Suitable for rough usage such as the bottoms of wagons and carts. Also used in furniture framing, drawers, toys, flooring, boxes and crates.


Peltogyn Pubescens, Amarante, Violetwood, Koroboreli, Saka, Sakavalli, Pau roxo, Nazareno, Morado, Tananeo, Palo morado, Guarabu (Leguminosae)


A deep purple-violet when freshly cut, maturing to a dark brown. The original colour returns when re-cut. The grain is typically straight and the texture is rather coarse . Weight between 50 to 60lbs per cu. ft. / sg .86

High bending strength. Medium resistance to shock loads. Moderate steam bending properties. Difficult to work. Moderate to severe blunting of cutters. Run material slowly through machines equipped with HSS knives. Pre-drilling needed for nailing. Takes glue well. Stains and wax polishes easily. Very durable. Takes a high polish. (Spirit based finishes remove the purple colour. Lacquer based finishes preserve the colour.)


Billiard-cues, cabinetmaking, carvings, fine furniture, handles, marine construction, marquetry, flooring, countertops and stair rails.


Tectona Grandis, Pahi, Mai Sak, Sagwan, Tek, tekku, kyun, Sagon, Tegina, Tadi, Jati Sak, Djati, Gia Thi (Verbenaceae)


Heartwood is a uniform golden brown w/o markings. Grain is usually straight to slightly wavy. Texture is coarse, uneven & oily to the touch. Weight between 38 & 43lbs pcf / sg .65

Medium bend & high crush strength. Low stiffness & shock resistance. Brittle w/great dimensional stability. Medium steam bending properties. Medium cutting resistance w/severe blunting effect. Must pre-drill for nailing. Gluing is good on freshly planed or sanded surfaces. Stains well and takes a satisfactory finish, especially an oil finish. Very durable. Acid and fire resistant but susceptible to insects. Some find fine machine dust can be an irritant.


Decking, rails, hatches, etc. for ship & boat building; furniture & cabinetmaking, flooring, garden furniture & decking, plywood, and decorative veneers.

American Walnut

Juglans Nigra, American Black Walnut, Eastern Black Walnut, Nogal, Nuez meca, Tocte, Virginia Walnut, Canaletto, Black Hickory Nut (Juglandaceae)


Varies from light greyish brown to deep chocolate brown to an almost black purplish brown. The grain is slightly open and usually straight, but may be wavy or irregular. Texture is usually coarse, but uniform. Surface is generally dull, but develops a lustrous patina after many years in use. Weight averages 40lbs pcf / sg .64

A medium density wood, tough & hard; w/moderate bend & crush. Stiffness is low. Good steam bending properties. Can be worked easily with hand or power tools. Takes nails and screws well. Glues satisfactorily. Good finishing characteristics. Very durable. Sapwood is susceptible to attack by powder post beetle. Heartwood is to biodegradation.


A standard for gunstocks. Used widely in high-quality furniture, cabinetmaking, musical instruments, clocks, boatbuilding, turning and carving.

Wenge, (Panga Panga)

Millettia Stuhlmannii (or Laurentii) Jambire, Messara, Mpande, Awoung, Awong, Palisandre Du Congo, Dikela, Mibotu, Bokonge, Awong, Dikela, Tshikalakala, Nson-so (Leguminosae)


Heartwood is dark brown to almost black with alternate layers of light and dark tissue; sapwood yellowish white & clearly marked. Texture is rather coarse; grain is straight. It weighs 52-62lbs pcf / sg .91

Heavy, dense & has a high bending strength & resistance to shock, w/medium crush strength & low stiffness. Low steam bending classification. Material works fairly well with machine tools and with moderate blunting effect. Nailing requires pre-boring. When filled, it can be brought to a satisfactory finish. It seasons well & rapidly with little degradation. Durable and resistant to termites.


Flooring, joinery,furniture, cabinetry & general woodworking. An excellent turning wood, Decorative & paneling veneers.

Sheet Materials & Panels

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of sheet materials to suit all manner of projects. Below, we have outlined our most popular materials, followed by other specialist products that we are equally able to supply for you.
Can’t see what you need here? Contact us directly with your enquiries today!


The surface of MDF is flat, smooth, uniform, dense and free of knots and grain patterns. The homogeneous density profile of MDF allows intricate and precise machining and finishing techniques for superior finished products. Trim waste is significantly reduced when using MDF compared to other substrates. Stability and strength are important assets of MDF, which can be machined into complex patterns that require precise tolerances


Plywood does not split as easily as conventional wood and has a good dimensional stability under conditions of varying moisture conditions. Plywood will not easily split if a nail is close to any edges. Plywood can be considered as a high strength construction material used for internal and external load bearing panels.

Door Blanks

We are able to offer an extensive selection of sizes, types and finishes of high quality door blanks. This includes lightweight door blanks, MDF and plywood faced door blanks, veneered door blanks and particleboard door cores, which may be laminated, veneered or painted.

OSB (Orientated Strand Board)

OSB is a wood based panel that’s been engineered to work for you. It’s easy to use and superior in many cases to Plywood, particularly when the Ply doesn’t carry the correct certified credentials. It’s less expensive than many Ply equivalents too. Very strong, consistent and defect free, it’s made with three layers of wood strands that are mixed with resin, each layer is laid in opposite directions for extra strength .So whether you’re sheathing walls, laying floors, cladding roofs, fitting out van interiors or anything else, you’ll get better results, better efficiency and better value.

Timber Worktops

Each species of timber has its own unique character and properties from being clean and non-tainting (an ideal surface for food preparation) to being naturally durable without the need for environmentally damaging chemical treatments. If you’re unsure what species of wood will work best for your project, give us a call for some free, friendly advice!


Chipboard is made from particles of wood bonded together with a synthetic resin and sometimes other binders, normally only suitable for interior use as wall and floor panels and low in cost.

Roof Trusses

Our Roof Trusses are pre-fabricated from high quality, stress graded timbers and joined with steel nail-plate fasteners, these offer:

  • A flexible, practical and fully engineered solution to your roofing requirements.
  • Economy of materials, as trussed rafters can use up to 40% less timber than a traditionally formed roof.
  • Reduced labour costs on site, due to the amount of prefabrication, releasing site joiners for more complex areas.
  • Quick erection of the roof structure, enabling other trades to commence quickly.
  • Reduction in site waste, loss and pilferage of valuable materials.
  • Space saving on site, with no need for timber storage or carpentry work areas.

Call our dedicated sales team now to turn around a quote in less than a week!

Trusses We Supply

Triangular Trusses

A trussed rafter is an engineered framework consisting of structural members forming triangles. The framework derives its inherent strength from this triangulation. They provide a flexible method of framing many required roof profiles.

At Artisan Timber and Flooring Ltd we can manufacture trussed rafters up to an impressive 17.5m overall truss length, and a height of 4.5m. It is possible to manufacture trussed rafters outside this range by manufacturing the truss in two or more sections and site-assembled to the required profile.

We would recommend that you contact one of our experienced sales team as early as possible regarding the design of your roof. Our designers will work with you to reach the ideal solution.

Attic Trusses – “Room-in-the-Roof”

The advantages of attic frames is that they enable the upper floor of a building to be totally contained within the truss. The bottom chords become the floor joist of the room, their size having been calculated to cater for increased loads.

Attic Trusses can be designed to allow “clear span” supported at eaves only, however, for longer spans it is recommended to incorporate the intermediate support near to mid-span. This will allow either larger internal room dimensions or reduce the number of timber sections required.

Scissor and Raised-Tie Trusses

Using Raised-Tie trusses it is possible to raise the room height above the height of the wall plate. It is possible to manufacture raised-tie trusses up to 1m above wall plates, although there are other factors that can affect this (600mm is the maximum for most applications).

Scissor trusses also allow the room height to be increased but only in the centre of the truss. This application usually works where a raised-tie truss would not due to the ceiling-tie fixed to the wall plates. There are other truss profiles that can be used to raise the room height above the height of the wall plates.

Hip-End Truss Systems

A Hip-End system offers a simple wall solution at the expense of a more complex roof structure, giving a more decorative finish to the end of a building. Hip-End systems can be designed in many ways to suit individual requirements, however the most common method is the ‘Flying Rafter/Infill Hip’. This is shown opposite.

Posi Strut Roof and Floor Systems

Posi Strut systems offer a high strength timber and steel alternative to solid timber and wood web joists. The advantages of such a system is increased clear span, up to 600mm spacing and the open web design eliminates the need for cutting and drilling for services.

Floor Cassettes

Floor cassettes offer the following benefits:

  • Posi Joist floors are a good example of a ‘modern method of construction’ being manufactured for a specific purpose from designs run on the latest software to optimize timber sizes and lengths, and with no site waste from off-cuts of timber etc. With floor cassettes, we are also able to optimise the decking off-cuts to keep waste to a minimum, and all our timber off-cuts are re-cycled.
  • Dramatically increases construction speed, especially with timber frame construction; the floor cassettes on a four-bed property can typically be installed in one to two hours, ready for the first-floor structure to be installed without delay.
  • Elimination of working from height whilst fixing the decking.
  • The cassettes for up to 5 units can normally be delivered in one load.

What Our Customers Say About Us

  • review rating 5  An extremely high quality service with a fantastic result. They took on the job of extending an existing parquet floor which needed extending and renovating. The final result was stunning. Zero mess and excellent staff who went above and beyond to sort any issues. Classic case of you get what you pay for!

    thumb Ben Holmes
  • review rating 5  Great company to do business with. I used to be in the trade many years ago so I know good when I see it. Customer service from Joe was exceptional. Second time I have used them this year and will do so in the future. Give them a try, carpets or wooden flooring in my case, they won’t be beaten on price. Price is important but the overall service is to be admired. Thank you guys 👍

    thumb Simon Lailey
  • review rating 5  From start to finish Artisan Flooring were very professional. The fitters especially were really good. The fitters arrived on time and worked extremely hard. Every query I raised was sorted. I knew I had done the right thing, when every visitor to my house commented on how amazing my floor looked. This included friends, family and more importantly other trades people. I even had a small leak through my ceiling and you can’t see any damage to the floor. It wasn’t the cheapest floor, however with hindsight, worth every penny. I would recommend this company, as long as you get the same fitters as I did ! Not that I know of any others. Chris one of my fitters, seriously cut his thumb, whilst on my job. I was the one who sent him off to hospital. He was back the next day with his thumb stitched and lots of padding .... he just got on with his job along with a cup of tea and some biscuits.

    thumb Kate Worthington
  • review rating 5  Artisan Timber & Flooring service was top class, from start to finish. They genuinely wanted me to be happy, down to the fine details. When Kevin came to survey the work –wooden flooring to replace a carpet in a very large bedroom—he really seemed interested in helping me choose a type of plank that was not just suitable but transformed the room. His quote for Ted Todd wood flooring along with installation was competitive and turned out to be excellent value for money. He also followed up every step of the way. For example, when the wood supplier mixed up scheduling of my delivery, Kevin persuaded them to make it up to me by sending the order by courier that same evening. The wood arrived soon after 6 p.m., and as a bonus, without prompting or complaint, the driver carried 8 heavy boxes of wood up two flights of stairs to my flat. The fitter was professional, pleasant, and meticulous, his installation did justice to the quality of the wood. Additionally, all the Artisan staff I spoke with on the phone were pleasant and helpful. It may sound corny, but this was one of the best “retail experiences” I have had, easily comparable to the high standards of Harrods when I ordered living and dining room furniture years ago.

    thumb john kohut
  • review rating 5  All I can say is brilliant, the entire service provided by artisan timber is fantastic. This is everything from the range of natural oak floor types they have on offer, all the way to the completed installation. The communication and survey was quick and helpful, quotation was fair and most importantly my new living room floor looks fantastic. ( I was so impressed I've decided to get my entire downstairs re-done) Would highly recommend!!

    thumb Nick Kent
“Affordable quality, workmanship guaranteed”