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As an official supplier of Howdens Kitchens we have over 35 inspirational designs to choose from, designed to meet the needs of modern living. Howdens kitchens are available in traditional, classic and contemporary styles.

Need a bespoke design? We work with CAD design experts to plan your kitchen with you.

When professionally installed in the home these products will provide many years of reliable use. In the unlikely event of a defect in manufacturing or raw materials, we will happily replace any cabinet, promptly and without charge at any time.

Howdens supply direct to trade only making us your contact and sales point for their products.

We are able to offer fantastic prices for these high quality products directly to you, so contact us now for a quote.

Choosing Your Kitchen

In order to create a well organised, functional kitchen, it is crucial to plan and take into consideration the different areas that will feature within your design and how you will use them.


What will you use your kitchen for?

The kitchen is the heart of the home. How you use the space will depend on your individual preferences and lifestyle. For example, your kitchen will be both the focal point and functional centre of your home. You may want to entertain as well as cook, relax or work. Your kitchen could also be the area where other domestic chores are carried out, including washing and cleaning.


How much available space do you have?

Whether you are replacing an existing kitchen or extending your room, the available space will determine the shape of your kitchen and the right design will maximise it. Computer Aided Design (CAD) planners can use their expertise to help you create the best kitchen design within the space you have.


Planning your kitchen

The ‘working triangle’ concept is an established method of kitchen planning. The cooking area, refrigeration and sink are positioned to form a triangle to create optimal working space, and this can be extended further to include a food preparation area.

All kitchens tend to have one of four basic layouts. They can be Galley or Linear, but most are L-Shaped or U-Shaped and may feature an island unit. A good kitchen design correctly allocates each working area within the chosen shape to result in a well organised, functional kitchen.

Now decide on the style of kitchen you want – this website will help you to choose the right kitchen and provide you with a complete range of accessories, appliances, sinks and taps to help make your kitchen work for you.